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The Farmington Canyon Story, where the moral is to slow down and wear your seatbelt

Farmington Canyon, Utah, around 10 years ago.

One of the first semi-serious girlfriends I ever had - let's call her Alice - had a really wonderful family, and we all got along famously.

They were work-hard, play-hard, really good people. They were Catholic, and there's sort of a Catholic solidarity in Utah, especially out in the suburbs.

Utah is overwhelmingly of the Mormon religion, and most non-Mormons feel stifled by it.

Now, as I get older, I come to appreciate the Mormon religion more. They're big believers in family, self-discipline, good habits, service, hard work and lots of reflection. But some of the rules are rather stifling to non-Mormons - no drinking, no smoking, no caffeine, no R-rated movies. Also, they're incredibly warm and friendly people, but at least in Utah, there's an undercurrent of being wary about associating too closely with non-Mormons outside of trying to convert them.

The Two People I've Gotten Fired (Part One)

On Tynan

I don't think I'm some sort of bigshot who gets people fired because they look at me wrong. Really, I tend to make friends with most people. But there have been two incidents.

Incident #1

I was on a cruise ship for two weeks, heading around the Caribbean with three friends. The worst part about cruise ships are the weird little markets they have where they sell crap like "gold chains by the foot". These little stands are always in the main hallways that you cross all the time.

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