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The Pleasure of Walking

In 2006, I quit the vast majority of intoxicants. I don't drink, I don't use recreational drugs, I don't smoke tobacco, I don't drink soda, and I am working on quitting all sweets entirely, and largely succeeding. I am not one for fine dining, and not frequently one for other forms of hedonism.

I usually do not advertise this - I might write about it for people who wish to know what I do, but I do not bring it up in conversation unless it comes up. But occasionally it does come up, and a common reaction is someone saying, half-joking, "Then why bother living?"

I think I understand. Many people do jobs they dislike for causes they feel nothing about. This must wreak havoc on a man's spirit. Most people spend more of their waking time on their work than any other thing - I can only imagine what spending the bulk of my time on something I disliked would feel like. Or worse, not even something I disliked - but something I felt very neutral about.

If a man's occupation becomes a slow crushing of his spirit, then of course he would need high energy, and high impact to free him from it. He needs to fit all of his leisure into his remaining waking time - from 6PM at night to 10PM when he is home from work, on the two days of his weekend, and his vacation time each year. Of course, not even that time is all his own - he still has to commute, run errands, do admin, do necessary little things. The reality of the situation is far worse - most people don't live bad lives, they just move slowly and quietly through things they don't particularly care for.

Of course, if a man only had 5% of his waking time to himself, he would want to maximize this time in the easiest, most surefire way of producing pleasure and relaxation. Who could blame this man? I don't. If I was suffering through a soul-killing occupation and had very little time, I would want to make sure that the time I did have was very enjoyable.



Walking, is such a simple act, yet it is so underrated. To me, and I think to most people, walking is very therapeutic. It helps me focus, relax, and is somewhat meditative. The best part is that it is an easy way to get some exercise.

Since I started going to University, I have been walking on average five days a week for 25 minutes there and back, which is in total about 4.4 kilometres. Not only that, but I also walk to the grocery store, to work, to restaurant, bars, etc.

Living in the city, it is very easy for me to walk wherever I need to go. This is not only because I do not have a car, but because everything I need is so incredibly close. Another great thing about walking is, that I never have to pay for gas or public transportation fare. As well I am slowly saving the environment from pollution.

Whether alone or with friends, walking helps me think clearly and be more creative. A lot of the time when I am walking home from school, I come up with the best ideas for my personal and school projects.

I am writing this today because I have missed walking. Throughout the whole summer, I have not been walking as much as I would like to and with school starting again next week, I am very much looking forward to having this little time off in my busy schedule.

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