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Action vs. Learning? A False Dichotomy, My Friend!

Question from a reader -

"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory." So how do you weigh learning vs. action? (implementation).

I've had great potential all my life.. but wasted it from being unfocused or a lack of discipline. Also I love learning.. too much. Too much information can quickly be paralyzing. I love the internet marketing niche. I have gone the whole 4 hour work week, Education of Millionaires, Uncollege type route. I've had success.. my own website.. and recently the launch of my own course. Recently I've been following a paleo style diet.. walking everyday and working out three times a day. I'm starting to use TimeDoctor and I plan to build a time diary fashioned off of yours. I sincerely appreciate any response or help. Take care.


D, I get this question sometimes.

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