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"Help! I’ve found that I have no passion!"

I've been following your blog for quite sometime now and your recent post struck a chord with me. I've found that I have no passion. Instead, I have a passion for the passionate, in the abstract. When I'm working near people who love what they do, can see their grand vision and have a pathway to the future it inspires me. From a chef to a programmer, if I meet a passionate person, I immediately want to be them.

I've made numerous blogs covering different topics. I've started a variety of different groups at university. I've even switched hobbies from martial arts to programming to yoyos. Nothing seems to stick. It seems I need a mentor of sorts to make sure I stay on track otherwise, some voice in my head is "ooh! try this! no no no! try this!"

My main question is, how to continue? How do you know when you should cut your losses or when you're just being a pansy? Help me focus Sebastian!

I know where you're at and I've got a number of thoughts.

First and foremost, did you see Miguel Hernandez's replied? I wrote "Passion Emerges From Action, Not Contemplation," I asked for Miguel's take because he's a sharp guy.

Learning Vocabulary: The Blitz

On Kelby Barker

When you're looking to make a change or an improvement, you begin with a huge amount of energy. You feel like barreling head-first into your goal and knocking to pieces. You feel like a receiver, ready to stiff-arm all obstacles out of the way. You're ready to blitz your way to success. You're ready to take your food mouthfuls at a time. You're ready to get all of your work done no matter how tired you get.

To use vocabulary learning as an example, studying the 3000 most common words in a language will lead to about 80 percent understanding in a language. You can split this up a number of ways. Maybe you choose to study 5 cards a day over 600 days, or 30 cards a day over 100. Maybe still you choose to take all 3000 in 30 days, or even a week. The last option is what I call a blitz.

The pros

Blitzing has the obvious pro of taking far less time than the million little drops method. If you can get through a list of 3000 vocabulary items and assimilate them in a week, why not? If you can build a vocabulary that unlocks 80 percent of the language you seek to speak, why not do so as quick as possible?

The cons

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