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Carpe Diem

A light blue dusk, turning green trees slowly into darkened silhouettes.

Red walls, yellow lights in the cafe... front wall of glass, China outside. The large bay doors showing that light blue dusk.

Working on a brushed-metal thin laptop, encased in a smooth clear plastic protective case. My fingers click-clicking satisyingly on the keys.

1990's rap music plays in the white headphones, transmitted from the computer... the music is streaming from Youtube, accessed through a VPN connection to bypass the Great Firewall.

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome to you All the way from the slums of Shaolin Special uninvited guests Came in through the back door Ladies and gentlemen, it's them!

The problem is you (quote)

On Mike Dariano

The problem is you. The problem with me is the guy in my mirror. If I can get that turkey to behave he can be skinny, and rich and a good husband and a good dad, but he's got issues. Sometimes he's a selfish jerk. Sometimes he has no self-control. Until you get that person in your mirror to behave, your life is going to continue to suck. And you gotta get fired up about it. You gotta have a halftime moment in the locker room and go, we're behind and we're gonna go back out there and put some people on their butts. I'm gonna go change my life. That's when you move the needle. That's how people get out of debt. It's how they get control.

From The Dave Ramsey Show, April 30, 2012.

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