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If you want to get rich, stop being a fucking joker

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This is a very important email. Please read it, wait 10-20 minutes before replying and just think about it (don't surf the web, just think), and then reply with your thoughts.

First, the tactical things -

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Why Do Muslims Call God, ‘Allâh’?

On TheWayToDestiny.Com

The word, ‘Allâh’, is the Arabic term for God and it most emphatically means the One True God, the Creator of the universe, the Lord of all lords, and the King of all kings. Arabic translations of the Bible and the Torah also refer to God using the term, ‘Allâh’. Non-Muslim Arabs use the term ‘Allâh’ when they pray or speak of God. Muslims all over the world prefer to use the term, ‘Allâh’, because the word ‘God’ has so often been misused, abused and corrupted. The term ‘Allâh ’ does not have a plural form like ‘gods’ nor does it have a feminine gender form like ‘goddess’. It is never used in compound nouns like ‘god- man’, ‘godfather’, and ‘godmother’. Moreover, the term, ‘Allâh’, signifies every one of the attributes which can be used to qualify none other than the Most Merciful Creator and Sustainer of the universe. It is a term that can be applied only to the Most Supreme, Who cannot be compared to anyone or anything and to the concept of God which has never been vilified by idolatry or myths of incarnations.

"He to Whom belongs the dominions of the heavens and earth, and Who has begotten no son and for Whom there is no partner in the dominion. He has created everything, and measured it exactly according to its due measurements." [The Qurân Ch: 25 Furqân, V: 2]

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