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Inventors Who Want To Do Business - Stop Doing "Build First" Because It Doesn't Work

Was having a discussion with an inventor. He's the archetypical "loves to build" inventor that sees business a fun lab/shop to invent and build in.

However, he's been toiling away on his newest invention for quite a while, and isn't sure about if there's light at the end of the tunnel, or what to even do next. Here's what I wrote him -

Ikigai - thank you. I really appreciate it. [he bought a copy of Ikigai; you should too]

Re: business... here, let me blunt here, for your own good.

Stop this "build first then sell" if you want to do business.

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If you try to become excellent, normal people will judge you. Fuck them. Seriously, I said it and I meant it. Fuck 'em. I gradually quit drugs, drinking, tobacco, refined my diet, quit sugar, etc, etc. - every time I heard discouragement and crap from people. Fuck them. When I dropped out of high school, I heard discouragement and crap from people. When I dropped out of university to start building a company, I heard discouragement and crap. When I started traveling, I heard warnings and discouragement and crap. If you try to be excellent, you're going to constantly be hearing warnings and discouragement and crap. Listen a little if the person seems to know what they're talking about, but don't be discouraged. If you're trying to be expansive and they're telling you to be cautious, they're probably wrong and you're probably right. No one else says this, so I'm happy you emailed me - I'll say it. Fuck them. They're not bad people per se, but people do terrible things. I quit sugar or starting eating healthier and people want to drag you back down, "C'mon, have one slice of pizza... it's just a bite of cake... c'mon, you can have one drink..." - I still can't explain exactly why people do it, but I think it's to protect their own identity. As you become excellent, you show them what they could be, and it hurts them. Viscerally. So don't be too upset, your excellence hurts people to some extent. Expect constant discouragement from normal people. Eventually you'll build a social circle of high-achieving, ambitious, expansive, cool, worldly, giving, encouraging, awesome people, and then you'll be successful and normal people will envy and hate you, but you won't care because you'll have transcended it. So yeah, discouragement and warnings and crap? We all get it on the road to success. Don't take it too seriously. Don't hate people for doing it, but don't give in either. Sebastian Marshall

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