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What Skills Do You Need to be an Entrepreneur? Only Two

Very good question. Here we go -

Hi Sebastian,

I saw your post offering advice help, so I thought I'd take you up on that. I'm young, pre college, so time is on my side. I'd like to create a web startup at some point in the future, at least that's the dream. Should I focus on homing in on my technical skills, or business skills? Right now, I know much less of the latter, but I recognize its importance in entrepreneurship.

Also, do you think college credentials are as important as real world opportunities? And any reading recommendations would be much obliged. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much,

Socially Conscious Investing

On Flourish

Around New Year's, my thoughts often turn to investing.

There is value in exchanges. If a person can specialize, and trade with their neighbor, everyone is generally better off than if there are no exchanges. There are limits to this, and self-sufficiency in some areas can be a useful goal and/or hobby. But more exchanges of goods and services provide more opportunity for people to contribute creativity, talent, and work to better society.

There is a significant caveat: exchanges of unsustainable goods and services must be considered against the resources they are consuming. Two entities might have a nice thing going, maybe mining ore and trading it in exchange for an improved finished product. But, if the ore is going to run out, they had better be looking for alternative technologies. In the case where exchanges are unsustainable, the resource being consumed may be considered as being "borrowed" from the future. We have the ore now, if we take it and use it it had better be in a way that a person in 2100 or 2200 will find worthwhile.

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