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Party on, Offer HN, Party on

Well, a very cool trend is happening at Hacker News - people are posting "Offer HN" threads offering advice and help. The first one seems to be "Will Work for Karma" by todayiamme, which kicked the whole thing off. My favorite is "Tax Help for Startup Entrepreneurs" because there's a lot of insight and analysis just in the thread itself. I like learning about law, but it's damn expensive to learn about either in time or money. That said, learning law can save you a lot of money when you write a contract correctly or when you have a company buyback shares instead of purchasing them yourself when buying a partner in a two person partnership out.

After a bunch of "Offer HN" threads started kicking up, there were two discussion topics, both by guys I respect. "Please stop offering your services" and "Please keep offering your services" by Swombat and Jacques. There seems to be a few themes going on:

1. Some people think this is really cool and nice of people. 2. Some people are skeptical of the intentions of people doing this. 3. Some people don't want to see HN get bogged down/clogged up by this.

Let's cover those in reverse order.

First, if it gets out of control and you want to see news without offers, Paul Graham implemented http://news.ycombinator.com/offerless - no offers there. So that solves that problem.

Let's rule this

On Love, effie

As promised from the previous post, here comes the rules to protect myself from relationships, and guys, and whatever.

1. Trust no one. No exception.

I always think "oh, he's so sweet, he must be the one! He has to be different". Bullshit. If they can be trusted, they'll earn it. Like anyone else. This is the universal rule. (which I always break. Let's try harder this time Effie, huh?)

2. Do not obsess over him.

Oh. My. God. I already hate myself for this one. So, let's suppose I like a guy. What do I do next? I start texting him ten thousand times in a day. That's stupid. It's like a jealous psycho girlfriend, while we're not even dating. And no, we will not even date, like... Ever. Because of this.

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