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I might have cracked the procrastination nut

I might have cracked the procrastination nut.

One of the things that's plagued me for years is that a heavy, intense period of doing lots of good stuff is frequently followed by a crash.

The crash partially negates the gains from having a good period. If you put in an excellent, intense four days of creative work, that's good. But if you can't look at your work and projects for half a week afterwards, you negate some of that progress as compared to just slowly, steadily putting in time.

What's worse is that, for me, the crashes tended to be full-on, nothing-valuable-happening. I don't mean not working. I mean nothing valuable. When I'd crash, I'd usually not be reading good books, spending time in nature on the beach, or whatever. It'd be more like getting into high stimulation distraction, where it sucks your time without giving you anything back. Without even recharging you, even.

So, I started looking at how crashes come on.


On The Words of Focus Project

Sono solo?

I feel rejected. Rejected by people I really liked. People who I'd thought liked me as well.

For all I know, they do.

It could be that Denton just heard a fair amount of scat about there being too many people, and so said no just to respond to it.

It could be that everyone felt things were a bit out of control, and so wanted to revert back to before. Pre Eddy

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