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Serve serve serve work work work strive strive strive .... patience... keep going... persist... serve more, work more, strive more... win

Short message today from Beijing Airport, en route to the China/Mongolia border.

Study people that have been successful in the way you want to. Figure out what they did.

Modernize their ideas to the present day. This isn't hard, there's tons of underoptimized stuff everywhere.

Draw up something like a plan.

Okay, now - you've got to stick religiously to that plan, even when things suck. If you've drawn up your plan halfway intelligently, it probably includes a lot of serving others, a lot of working hard, and a lot of striving to improve.

Prioritize: Work Smarter, Not Harder

On The Best of Sett

Hard work produces near magical results, but we all have an absolute ceiling on how hard we work.

People usually start thinking about working smarter once they're near that limit and getting burned out. Once the realization sets in that you can't work any harder, you've got to get smarter.

To work smart, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you're already doing.

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