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Guest Post: Greatness and Humility

A few days ago, I wrote an open letter to a good friend of mine - "I Think Greatness is Something You Are, Not Something You Do" - I said to him, I'm not a great man, just a normal man working on great things. Greatness is something you do, not something you are.

To give you some background, my friend Brendon is just one of the most amazingly good people in the world. He takes care of everyone around him, his mind, body, and spirit are sharp. He's a black belt, an excellent programmer, a philosopher, a Shodan in Go (actually, even stronger than that - he's a Shodan under the Asian rankings, so probably even higher in America), a hard worker, extremely loyal, a clear and free thinker, widely read and knowledgeable, and again - an amazingly good guy. I've learned a lot from him (notably, he taught me how to play Go, sysadmin Linux, understand basketball at a very high level, improve at martial arts, improve my fitness, and other good stuff - we'd usually go drink green tea and play Go at Samurai Restaurant in Boston, go fight in the park, talk philosophy out at nightclubs, do stuff like that).

He wrote back to me about greatness and humility. I think this is a really beautiful piece, so I asked him if I could gently edit it and put it up. He graciously agreed. It's long, but go ahead and just start it and give it whatever time you have - there's a lot of amazing insight in here.

A Quick Favor Request - if you learn from this or it helps you, please send Brendon a quick email to mail@bobz.in - he was actually a little gun-shy about having such a personal piece put up with such raw power in it. He only agreed when I told him how many people it could help - so please, drop him a short line to say thanks if this teaches you as much as it did me.

Without further ado...

Saturday Adventures

On Reviving Roses

Originally Posted: Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's a little bit of a long post, but what can I say, a lot happened today!

This may or may not pertain to one of the events that happened today, I believe that it does, but I will leave it up to you to make your own call. Years ago my parents* bought me a cross on a chain to wear around my neck. I wanted this item very much for Christmas or my birthday, something like that. I haven't worn it since then, until about 3 days ago. I'm unsure why all of a sudden I felt the need to wear it again, but I have been and I will continue to do so. As I wrote yesterday, it was snowy and slow moving last night. Luckily, this morning it cleared up, the sun was shinning, and most of the snow & ice had melted. This was good because I had to head to work this morning and I was hoping that I wouldn't be stuck in traffic for an hour again. Little did I know that it was going to take me over an hour to get to work anyway.

I was about 3 miles away from work on the freeway. When on the right hand shoulder a state trooper had a car pulled over. It's beyond me why people continually do this, but EVERYONE slammed on their brakes. Therefore, I had to slam on mine, but I wasn't going to stop in time. I swerved to the right lane to miss a car. Those two actions caused my car to swerve back and forth! I tried to regain control, but it wasn't happening. The next thing I knew, I was perpendicular to the freeway in the ditch. After I calmed down and I was able to breath easy, I took a look around to see where I was and if anything had happened to me or the car. I was smack dab in the middle of a light post and a tree, about 3-4 feet from each. About 20 yards down the road sat the trooper.

The reason a mentioned the cross...I didn't hit anyone in the two lanes of traffic I was in, I didn't hit the light poll or the tree, I didn't hit the trooper, nothing wrong with my car, nothing wrong with me! To top it off, I didn't get a ticket for having an out of state driver's license, and Justin's employee was able to pull me out without us having to spend up to $200 on a tow truck! WHEW!

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