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More on Attachment

A couple of good comments yesterday on "No Attachment to Dust," which was quoting a short story from the book Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.

Christopher Lovejoy commented on the line, "Poverty is your treasure. Never exchange it for an easy life." He asked -

I ask you with sincerity: in your travels, have you ever had a glimpse of poverty as a condition to be treasured, either for yourself or for others?

If so, what were your impressions? Could such a condition be lived on a permanent basis? Or do you believe such a condition is best experienced as temporary?

Great questions and good critical thinking. A few points.

Evidence they Exist!

On The Unicorn Tails

You can agree with me or not, but I have been doing some research on the existence of unicorns! I of course do believe they existed! If you have a counter argument do not hesitate to share it with me!

In reality I of course don't think unicorns had magical powers (but just for funsies I like to think that they did) but I do believe there was a possibility they existed! First the unicorn is mentioned several times in the bible! Below are the quotes and scriptures of the bible they are mentioned.

I understand that these are the KJV translation, so somewhere MAYBE it might have been lost in translation, but because I have a bias opinion I choose to believe that is not the case.

If you are a true unicorniac you probably heard news article about North Korean scientists claiming they found the burial site of the unicorn that King Dongmyeong rode! Read the full article here Existence of Unicorns Proven.

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