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Casanova on Rewards and Virtue

I started reading Casanova's Memoirs recently. While his fundamental ethics and the reason why he does things doesn't appeal to me, he certainly had a hell of a lot of adventures.

I thought this quote was quite good -

It is not true that a wish for reward is unworthy of real virtue, and throws a blemish upon its purity. Such a pretension, on the contrary, helps to sustain virtue, man being himself too weak to consent to be virtuous only for his gratification. ... In fact, I do not believe there is an honest man alive without some pretension [for reward], and here is mine.

I like that quote, and think it's a good one. Everyone looks for reward from their virtuous actions - at the very least, the good feeling for having done them. Social status is another commonly sought reward.

I like how Casanova puts it - he puts it right out there in the open that he's comfortable with this and thinks virtue doesn't suffer from the virtuous man wanting to be rewarded. He goes on to say that he thinks people are too weak to keep being virtuous without reward.

Girls, Cars, and Alcohol

On Imported Blog

I'm currently attempting to immerse myself in country music. Being born and raised in Texas, I feel it's only natural that I embrace my inner cowboy. And, with the possibility of going to school next year outside of Texas, I want to be able to answer "yes" to the question, "Do you ride your horse to school?"

I jokingly told a friend I'm going to be the next country music star, to which she replied, "All you have to do is sing about beer, tractors, and girls."

I laughed at first, but then I realized that the statement was surprisingly accurate. Ok yes, there are songs out there that aren't. But those stereotypes do have some degree of truth.

Then I thought about rap music, the genre I've mainly listened to throughout my life. It's practically the same: artists rap about girls, cars, and alcohol.

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