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Steel on the Inside, Steel on the Outside? (Or, "On getting a haircut screwed up")

Life is funny.

About 36 hours ago, I wrote "Steel on the Inside, Silk on the Outside."

I think most guys are afraid to do this – to wear light colors, to go to a spa, to being silly and lighthearted, these traditionally feminine things. I think most guys go out of their way to appear tough, rugged, macho. And you know why? I think it’s because most of ‘em are soft on the inside, scared, powerless, aimless.

My philosophy is be as strong as steel on the inside, and light and gentle like silk on the outside.


Day 4 and Visualization

On Work in Progress

I find Visualization to be effective in many ways.

When I am taking an Ice bath I visualize that the ice water that is running down my body is actually melting the fat away and carving out my muscles, when I am shivering in cold I imagine the fat reserves are being burnt away to heat up my body

When i am sitting in a bus or waiting in a line, when i don’t have anything particular to do, i try to visualize. I think of the way my body will look, how i can wear nice form fitting clothes I always wanted to wear. I visualize how I look and I imagine myself rock climbing with ease. Also, that I am riding my bike on very cold morning enjoying the scenery around. I visualize that i am having a great time with my family and friends laughing and enjoying one another’s company.

It is not just make believe, visualizing and imagining serve as powerful psychological motivation for me. When I imagine something great I am far more likely to take action to make it happen.

I try to visualize in detail, when i think about my body i think about my chest to be well muscled up, arms which show vascularity, strong legs and a slim abdomen.

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