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Who doesn’t like the cars and property and perks? But earning money is more about self-discovery for me

"The Knack for Getting Money" was a very popular post yesterday. In it, we looked at the success of two people with a real knack for making money - Judd Weiss and 50 Cent. I invited both of them to comment, and Judd kindly wrote this up. Here's Judd:

The Knack for Getting Money is a broad matter that cannot be fully understood from a sound bite, but I can say a few things.

I don’t know what a hangup for making money is. I try to offer something people will willingly pay for, and then they pay for it. What’s to be hungup about?

After years of pushing people (and my employees) to get out there and do more and become greater; perhaps the most significant trait that I’ve noticed, more than intelligence and skills, is that they’re genuinely excited.

It’s helpful to look at abnormal achievers in other fields. Sports always serves as a quick visual example. Why did that basketball player bother to get so good playing a game? Why did a body builder put so much muscle on his body? Why do some men consciously work to sleep with a ridiculous number of women? Why do some guys knock it out of the park with their income?

its 2014! the year to Hustle: Markets, Travel and getting things accomplished

On Ideas in the Making

2013 was an amazing year for me. I made money, Bitcoins went ballistic, I found something I really like and want to excel at, I traveled, had interesting conversations with interesting people and overall got more focus and control over my finances and goals. I stopped playing video games and traveled to some great new places like Yosemite, Vermont and Portland.

2014 will the year of the real hustle for me. I fully expect to be working 60-80 hrs a week on markets doing research, learning, and actually trading. At the same time there are other ventures I am looking into and thinking about on a daily basis. The majority of my relaxing time involves biking to coffee shops or otherwise and taking that time to relax, get some exercise and think up of others ideas (its amazing how many ideas can come to you once you leave your computer and go for a walk or coffee).

I expect to be working hard, while going to college, Which I don't even know why I go to other than the fact its inexpensive and makes my parents happy. Regardless there is still a bunch to learn before I can make a full time living out of all of this.

Other than work, I want to travel internationally this year. I'm really eyeing Cuba for spring and possibly Spain or Southeast Asia for summer. I also want to read a lot more this year. I read a lot last year, but not anywhere near as much as I wanted and could have.

On top of all this I am thinking about getting back into language learning.

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