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Unorthodox Strategies for Winning

From Sebastian: I was really honored and thrilled when Jason Shen offered to write a guest post here at SebastianMarshall.com - he's an incredibly bright guy with broad knowledge and skillset, writes well and clearly, and is an all-around good guy. So I'm really excited to be able to bring you a guest post by him - I imagine you'll want to read more by him afterwards, and you can reach him at his website - www.jasonshen.com.

Here's Jason -

I read Sebastian's blog because I'm interested in winning and he writes honest, insightful and sometimes provocative stuff about victory. Recently, I've been thinking about ways to win that are less commonly employed - one, because it's interesting and two, because I think there is a lot we can learn from unorthodox methods that work.

That's what this blog post is about: strategies that are nontraditional, that are beyond "do your best and learn from your mistakes" type advice, yet are undeniably ways that help you win.You might find them strange, but that's ok because winning isn't normal.

Some people find the pursuit of winning distasteful or even silly. Others get juiced by the idea of winning, of kicking ass and taking names, of being the best. I have a feeling that many of you SebatianMarshall.com readers fall into the second category. This post is for you.

Advertising isn't evil

On minimalift

I don’t see the big minimalist deal with advertising. Sure it can be obnoxious in certain forms of media, but no one’s forcing you to look or listen there. Ads don’t control you. If you find yourself in debt because you can’t control your frivolous spending, look inwards rather than lashing out a a third party. A minimalist is just a consumer who makes better purchasing decisions. Face it - unless you are wholly self-sufficient, you’re a consumer. Even if you are, you likely had to consume to get to where you are. Buy a big old farm and live off the fat of the land? Well done - did you make your own tools? Whoops, you’re a consumer. I looked up Maasai tribe to see if they used the monetary system, and turns out even they sell milk and livestock.

I work in advertising, and although I have very little to do with the creation of the ads, I do get to observe a fair amount. Here are some of the benefits I perceive of advertising and the industry surrounding it:

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