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Some General Life Goals

Sometimes I get an idea and think "My life should be like that" - I try write it down right away.

I just leave this little things to work on in a file and look at it occasionally. Every now and then I'll make one of them active in my Time and Life Tracking and start paying attention to it every day.

Here's what's in the list right now:

Five folders:

About Made of Metaphors

On Made of Metaphors

That's a picture of me drinking a strawberry lemonade.


I've spent most of my career - half my life, as of this writing - making videogames. I'm a computer programmer. I manage teams, too, and a lot of my thinking is around the work of management: how do we work with other people? How do we help others do better work? How do we help people grow?

I've done a lot of cooking. I've done a bunch of woodworking. I've given a bunch of talks at industry conferences. I like to travel. And so on.

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