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The Persistent and Timely Will Inherit the Earth

The original title of this post was, "The Reason We Didn't Meetup When I Visited Your City" and it was geared towards explaining what it's like to be busy with lots of correspondence. The post grew past this. This one will be useful for people who expect that they might have huge correspondence increases in the future - rarely do people talk bluntly about what it's like. It'll also be useful for the expansive sort of person who reaches out to people they don't know, so you can understand the mindset of who you're reaching out to. It rambles a little bit in the middle, but I think the mindsets and details could be useful for you.

The Reason We Didn't Meetup When I Visited Your City...

...is because I'm disorganized and you didn't drop a line again.

So, I get a lot of correspondence. Which is great. I really dig that. A couple days ago, I had a great Skype chat about international investing and business expansion with a really smart and cool guy out in SF, and then I met three people locally in Tokyo who are all exceptionally cool guys. I learned a lot, and I think so did the guys I got to hang with, and it was good. I like seeing other people thrive and make money, and got to have some good talks on business and entrepreneurship with everyone I met - I think everyone can hustle a bit more cash here or there.

I really enjoy that. I like meeting smart and enterprising people. I say that everyone - on my site, in posts, on my "About" and "New? Start here" pages,

Chloros:Avaritia Chapter 2

On Rafael Guerra

Chapter 2


The handcrafted Elm Burl and Mahogany desk was a great focal point in the office. Victor had had it custom made; he needed something to match his ego and what would me more perfect than a beautiful, custom desk. The top was of the highest quality of Carpathian Elm Burl, the company logo in the middle of Eye Maple and Walnut Burl, and the edges of solid mahogany. It had a glow to it that no one could deny admiring. A picture of his mother was on his desk, visible to anyone who entered his office. No other pictures of anyone could be found in the office, only expensive art. He loved his mother but she had passed away years before when Victor was still a child. Victor missed her dearly but was thankful for the moments he had been able to spend with her. Losing her at such a young age definitely shaped him, but not as much as his father, who was a very strict and ruthless person. Even after the loss of his mother, he never saw him grieve or show any sympathy towards him. After his mother’s funeral, he had told Victor, "Everyone is going to die, even yourself Victor, so don’t cry about death and problems. Just live your life.” He had never forgotten those words and, at the time, they were harsh but he understood them. He believed they made him stronger and completely changed his way of thinking.

The office sat atop the 5th floor of the American Genetic Systems building in Texas. He had first started his business in New York but over the years, as he expanded his empire, several locations opened up; Texas being the latest one. With a push of a button, the electric curtain opened to the amazing sight of the sun rising, bringing with its rays a new day in which to achieve greatness. Whenever business brought him to Texas, he would not miss this spectacular view. Like clockwork, he would be in the office early in the morning, standing by the window to observe the sunrise. He liked to believe that the sun rose for him and he bathed in its glory. It filled him with an invigorating energy that he carried throughout the day.

Dust particles danced around Victor as the sun’s rays touched each one, illuminating them and giving him a supernatural aura. The strong aroma of dark roasted coffee burst into the air as Victor gently sipped, admiring the view. He was deep in thought about the day to come when a voice interrupted him “Mr. Boutros, it is Dr. Atwater on the line for you. Do I put him through?" He caressed his beard, wondering what Dr. Atwater could want at such an early time.

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